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Getting old for this
2 big shows this past weekend

First in Altoona, PA POWER Wrestling presented a KCW Reunion and over 200 fans came out to remember what was once an amazing promotion named KCW. In a KCW alumni match Brock Singleton beat Bobby Shields

Second in Oil City, PA Darkhorse Championship Wrestling drew a record setting attendance for their shows where Bobby Shields defeated Jay Diesel.

Quote of the Moment

"Accept it and Respect it!"

They said it couldn't happen, They said I couldn't win
They said it couldn't happen, they said I couldn't win, after 7 years I finally did. Primal Conflict Wrestling has existed for 7 years, Bobby Shields who started as a last minute fill in 7 years ago, has become the PCW Heavyweight Champion.

Quote of the Moment

"You are very enjoyable"

ECWA - Did Bobby Shields cash in?
Bobby Shields beat Little Mikey at ECWA this past weekend on 3/1 with the Bobby Bomb. Never know when that golden opportunity contract will be used, so be there every show!

Quote of the Moment

"Bobby Fields"

Crapton of Pictures
Put up a crapton of pictures...maybe double posted some but oh well. Go find them and see them.

Quote of the Moment

"Kayfabe they still believe"

2 Updates in 1 Again!
Last weekend was ECWA with the final match between Matt Saigon and Bobby Shields in their Golden Opportunity Series. This was contested as a LADDER MATCH! In the end Bobby Shields was able to climb the ladder and get the contract hung high above the ring after incapacitating Matt Saigon.

This weekend was Bobby Shields vs Dirty Money at VCW in Norfolk, VA. Dirty Money retained his VCW title in a hard hitting match where both men kicked each others' ass all over the Masonic Temple in Norfolk, VA.

Quote of the Moment

"You can all be replaced for $5"

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