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1 for 2 in 3 Ways
Saturday beat Sean Denny and Brandon Scott to earn the #20 entrance in the Liberty Lottery at VCW.

Sunday lost in a 3 way at HWA. That is all.

Quote of the Moment

"Crowd reaction is for marks"

Out with the Sex Appeal, in with the Flex Appeal
6 man tag at IWC's show Proving Ground in White Oak, PA....lost. But from that loss was the birth of the new force known as Flex Appeal. See you in August IWC at Caged Fury!

Quote of the Moment

"You can all be replaced for $5"

July 12th - ECWA
In the main event at ECWA in Newark, DE, Bobby Shields defeated Napalm Bomb who was accompanied by Joel Goodheart to retain his ECWA Heavyweight Championship.

Quote of the Moment

"no tu ne touche pas"

Primal Conflict Wrestling
On June 21st, Bobby Shields retained the Primal Conflict Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against Alexander James in front of a standing room only, packed house, in the Martinsburg armory!

Quote of the Moment

"True f'n Talent"

Cashed in and it paid off!
This past Saturday Bobby Shields cashed in his Golden Opportunity Contract and it paid off! After Napalm Bomb defeated 3 other men to win the ECWA Heavyweight Title, Bobby Shields cashed in and pinned Napalm with a 450. Your new ECWA Heavyweight Champion and Primal Conflict Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!

Quote of the Moment

"I'm Bobby f'n Shields, I do whatever the F I want!"

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