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Quick disclaimer, this may come off as a jumbled mess of thoughts but I just wrote as I thought of it with very little editing. I wanted this to be real.

Every so often there's something you feel so strongly about that you want to spread the word about it. The Team Taz Finishing Camp is one of those things for me.

I'm the type of person who WANTS to learn, DESIRES to get better, and

First I'm probably just like everyone, I question things. In early December the website popped up with not very much information but I thought, what the hell I'll apply...what's the worst that could happen, they never call me? Well the exact opposite happened, within a week or two I received a call. And here I was talking to TAZ! I was sort of blown away. But then when I sat back and thought, I became skeptical like so many people out there are on things in wrestling. This is wrestling, almost everything is a work is this a work I kept thinking. And every few months a new camp pops up, so how would this be different than other scam camps? These were questions that floated around my head for a few weeks which kept me from completely saying yes.

I asked a lot of people I know who have met Taz or know him a bit what they thought, not of the camp, but of Taz. Everyone said he prides himself on his reputation and he was a very honest person. I decided to take the risk then and trust Taz. Everyone said he's an honorable guy so then all the stuff he told me on the phone would be true. I would sign up and go for the week long travelers class. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my wrestling career.

Now I was part of Team Taz as I was told by Taz. I thought "that's kind of funny team taz he's calling us all part of this as a gimmick." This ended up being short sighted by me...I now know what he meant by Team Taz.

Each day was almost 6+ hours long nonstop and keeping the class size small to 6 to 8 people, you are guaranteed to actually get attention where as other camps may have 30 or 40 people or more even. You might get a few moments of attention and the rest standing around. This was the complete opposite the absolutely, complete opposite. After the first day I knew I was going to be getting my moneys worth, just 1 day is all it took for me to realize this.

Taz is a guy who has been around for 20+ years. He's was at the top of ECW, so he was close to the creative geniuses there. He was in production meetings as an announcer in WWE and now in TNA. Because he's in the production meetings he knows what THEY like and dislike. How many trainers out there tell you they can train you to make it to the big how many of those trainers have actually been there? Taz has been. He sees todays generation and can tell what's missing. Hence the purpose of this camp. Our generation just hasn't been told, because the people who trained us didn't know. Taz is a REALLY REALLY good trainer. He has the qualities that are required to be a good teacher. He is able to explain things so they stick. He would break down everything from in ring to promos to entrances...everything. He wants his guys to succeed because like I said he prides himself on his reputation and we now represent him.

Like I said we did A LOT of in ring work and there was a day of promos. Each day you could tell we improved overall...the first day he was stopping matches every 30 seconds it seemed to explain what we did wrong. The next day we did matches, it was maybe every few minutes. By the final day once or twice and it wasn't something wrong, it was more of a technicality usually. On promo day we weren't just cutting the promos in front of each Taz made sure to do it like we were at TV somewhere. A production company was brought in and these promos were produced. We were taught words to say and words to avoid, things unless you were wouldn't know. I will admit, mic skills are a place where I lack and in the early part of the day my promo was not good at all but by the time it came to do it for the camera, I felt a lot more confident as well as the promo became something I was very proud of. This was in just a few hours, 1 day of coaching promos. And on top of that he has partnered with a guy who trains PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. So this guy will work with you on workout advice and diet advice. You're learning in ring, promos, workout, and to improve everywhere.

Now to touch back on the Team Taz thing, I get it the end of the week I really felt like a team. You might read this and think it's corny...but we were quite the team. Each of us couldn't have gotten better without the other. For the mistakes that another person makes I'd learn from and I'm sure vice versa. It wasn't like we were competing for a spot because this IS NOT A TRYOUT, I want to stress's graduate school for wrestling, if you will. I felt the team mentality by the end, we each helped each other and Taz is our coach. Now at the end of the week it isn't the end of Team Taz, no, we're still part of Team Taz and can count on Taz for advice or feedback. Almost every other camp it's goodbye at the end of the session, and the trainer doesn't know you anymore.

Now how can he finish guys in a week...because he's not taking everyone. We saw and heard of people turned away, the number of people who applied is way greater than the number who was accepted. If this was a scam, he'd take everyone...think about that. He's turning away TONS of money, who does that? Right...he does because it's not about the dollar. He's in this to better our generation. Remember he wants guys who will represent him well. We represent him, we were chosen specifically because he knew we would represent him well when it was all done.

Some people might think I wrote this to kiss ass, I didn't. I wasn't asked to write this, I wanted to write this. I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who heard of this and then buried it. I wanted there to be some positive information out there from someone who went through it and believes in the product. I've spent money on other camps and have tried other avenues to advance my career, none of them provided the results as this did. This was the best one BY FAR. I wish this had come along AGES AGO so I wouldn't have wasted so much time on other camps. Don't get me wrong, they helped shape me but when you spend $500 to learn 1 or 2 things or travel a long distance, that's not really worth it compared to this. Team Taz Finishing Camp is the real deal. This is truly a FINISHING SCHOOL.